Spanish 2, Semester I; La Rutina Diaria

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Section Two: Part A

Writing PracticeWriting Practice
Answer the questions here and then click on the question to see if you are right. Let's talk about what time we do different activities during our day.

¿A qué hora te despiertas?
¿A qué hora te acuestas?
¿A qué hora te bañas?
¿A qué hora te diviertes?


Key ConceptMás vocabulario
In order to do some of our daily activities, there are a few items we need to be able to talk about. Observa y escucha.

Writing PracticePráctica con el vocabulario
Now, you will be told what item you have. Tell what activity you are probably doing with or near that item. Click on the item afterward to see your correct response.

Tienes un espejo.
Tienes un cepillo.
Tienes un secador de pelo.
Tienes un peine.
Tienes la pasta de dientes y un cepillo de dientes.
Tienes jabón.
Tienes una toalla.
Tienes un despertador.
Estás en la cama.

Pay attention to the fact that in English, we would say "I brush my teeth." In Spanish, the "my" is always the "el, la, los, las" (definite article) instead. "Me cepillo los dientes." "Me seco el pelo."

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