German 2, Semester 2; Das Einkaufen

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Section Three:

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Section Three - Part A

Lebensmittel Einkaufen

In Germany (and Europe in general) it is common to go grocery shopping more frequently than in America. Europe does not have as many of the large grocery stores, but rather people often buy their items fresh from small specialty shops: bread from a bakery, meat from a butcher, and fruit and vegetables from local markets.




Reading Practice

Notice the similarities and differences between the words below. It's important to use the correct word, so you won't be misunderstood.

pocket purse
die Tasche die Handtasche
scarf necklace
das Halstuch die Halskette
coat raincoat
der Mantel der Regenmantel
man smoking cigarette
der Smoking das Rauchen
bathing suit suit
der Badeanzug der Anzug

Üben wir diese Vokabeln.

Was trägst du, wenn es regnet?
Was ist nicht gesund?
Was muss ich im Winter tragen?
Was trägt ein Mann zu seiner Hochzeit (wedding)?
Was hast du als Geschenk bekommen?
Wo ist das Geld?
Was trägst du zur Arbeit?

Vocabulary PracticeFlashcards
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Part B.

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