German 2, Semester 2; Das Einkaufen

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Section One - Part F

christmas market in berlin

This is one of Berlin's many Christmas markets. There is a general admission of 1Euro. It is full of Berliners and visitors. The organizers take care to select only the nicest, classiest and most inventive sellers of art, food, spices, and decorative items. You can find much to eat and wonderful gift ideas for Christmas.

der Schmuck

Hier lernen wir die Namen von einigen Schmuckstücken

bracelet earrings necklace ring
das Armband der Ohrring die Halskette der Ring

You may have noticed that both the word Schmuck and Schmuckstücke seem to mean "jewelry." The difference is the same as that with Möbel and Möbelstücke. The first word is the term for "furniture" or "jewelry" in general, and the second refers to individual pieces of furniture or jewelry.

Schriftliche Übung

Schau dir das Bild an und beantworte die Frage. Dann klicke auf die Frage und du siehst eine richtige Antwort.

woman with earrings Welcher Schmuck trägt die Frau?
woman with necklace Was trägt diese Frau?
woman with necklace and earrings Was trägt diese Frau?
woman with bracelet and earrings Was trägt diese Frau?
woman with ring Was gibt der Mann der Frau?

Üben wir!

Take a few minutes to practice the vocabulary and structures you have learned so far in this activity. Speedword

Schriftlche Aufgabe

Write a small paragraph in German talking about what jewelry you like (or don't like) to wear. You should have at least 5 sentences.
(12 Punkte)

When you feel confident with this vocabulary and these concepts in Section One, you may take the Section One Quiz.


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