German 2, Semester 2; Das Einkaufen

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  Section One:

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Section One - Part E

Vergleichen wir!

Hier sind einige Beispiele:

highheel shoeshighheel shoes

Remember that in order to make comparisons:

To say something is (taller, prettier, etc.) than use "als"
To say something is "as (adjektive) as"
"not as.." / "just as.."
use "so (adjective) wie"
"nicht so..." / "genau so..."

Schriftliche Aufgabe

Find a picture online that you can copy and paste to do this assignment. Make sure that the picture allows for a good description using vocabulary we have learned in this section and previous sections. Describe what the person is wearing with as much detail as you can -- in at least 6 sentences auf Deutsch. Be sure to send the picture as well as the writing. Make at least one comparison in what you write.
(16 Punkte)

When you finish writing and have submitted the writing, record yourself reciting what you have written.
(12 Punkte)


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