German 2, Semester 2; Das Einkaufen

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  Section One:

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Section One - Part D


Du bist mit deiner Freundin im Einkaufszentrum. Beantworte ihre Fragen mit ganzen Sätzen auf Deutsch. Dann klicke auf die Frage und du siehst eine richtige Antwort. (Imagine you are with your friend, shopping in the mall. Respond to her questions in complete sentences in German. Then click on the question and you'll see a correct answer.)

Wie sehe ich in diesem Kleid aus? dancer
Wie steht mir die Bluse? women wearing blouse
Magst du das Hemd mit Streifen oder ohne Streifen? striped shirt
Passt die Bluse zu der Hose? lady wearing purple pants and green top

Die Größe

Sizing in other countries is not the same as in the United States. If you are in Europe, you will have to look for a larger number. Here are some quick equivalents for women's sizes.

  Small Medium Large
Europe 34 / 36 38 /40 42 / 44
U.S.A 6 / 8 10 /12 14 / 16

Schriftliche Übung

Schreib eine Beschreibung von der Kleidung. Klicke auf das Bild, um eine Beschreibung zu hören. Dann klicke auf "Antwort", um eine richtige Antwort zu sehen.

yellow blouse antworten
blue shirt antworten
loose pants antworten
red high heel shoes antworten

activity Practice
Use this practice session to become familiar with the concepts of this lesson module.

Das Projekt

In the project for Unit 7 you will be talking about shopping experiences. Pick four different kinds of stores (Geschäfte) or 4 departments (Abteilungen) of a department store (Kaufhaus), and tell about your purchases, with a picture and at least six German sentences for each. You might want to compare what you buy with things you choose not to buy and/or say what matches other things you have. You might also say how you pay for the items. The items can be clothing, books, jewelry, shoes, groceries, or anything else you can talk about. If you wish, you may write one or more of the descriptions as a dialog involving a sales person. You will get the most points by using as much different vocabulary as you can. This project will also have a speaking component: you are to record your paragraphs for two of the four stores.

Keep the following in mind as you work on the project:

  • Four different types of stores or departments within a store
  • Six German sentences about each one
  • A picture that matches your written description
  • Use as much different vocabulary as you can
  • Submit a recording of two of the descriptions

There will be five assigments for this project:

  1. Ideas for the types of stores (5 Points)
  2. Detailed outline (5 Points)
  3. Rough draft (10 points)
  4. Final written project (20 points)
  5. Recording (10 points)

assignment The first assignment is due now. (5 Punkte)

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