German 2, Semester 2; Das Einkaufen

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Section One - Part A

Germans have a checking account system slightly different from the checking account system in America. In the U.S. the personal checking account is used for paying bills, buying goods and services, and checks are made payable to an individual or a company name. The Germans do it differently; they use a Geldüberweisung or money transfer made out to an account number rather than a name. To pay for a magazine subscription, for example, you make out a transfer check (Überweisung) payable not to the magazine but to a BLZ and Girokonto number. A BLZ is a Bankleitzahl (bank code number.) A Girokonto (ZHEE-ro KON-toh) is a specific transfer account for a firm, organization, or person. The Überweisung authorizes the bank to transfer a sum of money from your account to the magazine's account (like a check), but you have to do it by the numbers, and instead of sending a check to the magazine, you send (or take) the Überweisung to your bank.

Das Einkaufen

Klicke auf das Symbol vom Fernseher, und schau dir die Präsentation an.

Mehr Vokabeln

Here are some additional words for shopping. Click on each one to listen. Be sure to repeat after the speaker.

das Geld

der Scheck

die Kreditkarte

die Kasse

die Verkäuferin

das Sonderangebot

das Geschäft

die Rolltreppe

These are additional words to help us talk about shopping:Click on the word to listen to it and click on the blue arrow to see what it means in English.

offen arrow
geschlossen arrow
modisch arrow
passen arrow
eng arrow
elegant arrow
groß arrow
weit arrow
dunkel arrow
hell arrow
gestreift arrow
sich anziehen arrow
suchen arrow
sparen arrow
borgen arrow
ausgeben arrow

And here are some additional clothing items and related terms:

Stöckelschuh arrow
die Größe arrow
die Jacke arrow
Wie sehe ich aus? arrow
Du siehst gut aus. arrow
Es passt dir nicht. arrow
Können Sie mir helfen? arrow
Die Farbe steht dir gut. arrow

activity Practice
Use this practice session to become familiar with the concepts of this lesson module.

Schriftliche Aufgabe

Go to the message board and talk about whether you like to go shopping or not. What do you like to buy? Do you like to save your money? Do you like to lend money to a friend if he needs it?
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Unit Vocabulary

All the vocabulary in this unit relates to the general theme of talking about shopping. Click on the two links below to see and hear all of the vocabulary and sentences you will learn here. As you go through the unit, return to this from time to time to practice this vocabulary.

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