German 2, Semester 2; Das Einkaufen

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Das Thema für Lektion Sieben ist Das Einkaufen

Munich has a great market place near the Town Hall. That market is called "Viktualienmarkt" Many Germans shop more frequently at markets to buy fresh foods rather than at grocery stores.

Lektion Sieben, Das Einkaufen

Herzliche Glückwünsche! Congratulations! You now know how to say even more things in German. If you are working consistently and practicing as much as you can outside of classtime, you should be developing some skills in German that will be of good use to you in the future. You must keep in mind that fluency in German (or any foreign language) does not happen over night. It may seem to be a very slow process to you but it is one that is achieved the more you practice and seek ways to use your new skills.

In Das Einkaufen you will:

  • learn German terms associated with shopping
  • review comparative and superlative adjectives
  • learn the numbers beyond one hundred
  • review the Perfekt tense
  • learn the Imperfekt tense

As you work, keep in mind the symbols that will help you to remember what it is you are going to be doing throughout the course. If you have forgotten those, you can look back at them to keep them in mind.

Unit Activities

Below is a list of the various activities in the unit. Though no activities should be skipped, the activities that are listed here are for a grade in the course and the point values are in red.

  • Section 1, Part A, Discussion Board: 16 Punkte
  • Section 1, Part B, Discussion Board: 12 Punkte
  • Section 1, Part C, Höraufgabe: 16 Punkte
  • Section 1, Part D, Projekt: 5 Punkte
  • Section 1, Part E, Schreibaufgabe: 16 Punkte
  • Section 1, Part E, Sprechaufgabe: 12 Punkte
  • Section 1, Part F Schreibaufgabe: 12 Punkte
  • Section 1 Quiz: 28 Punkte
  • Section 2, Part A, Sprechaufgabe: 8 Punkte
  • Section 2, Part B, Projekt: 5 Punkte
  • Section 2, Part C, Schreibaufgabe: 16 Punkte
  • Section 2, Part D,Schreibaufgabe: 12 Punkte
  • Section 2, Part D, Projekt: 10 Punkte
  • Section 2 Quiz: 33 Punkte
  • Section 3, Part B, Sprechaufgabe: 16 Punkte
  • Section 3, Part C, Projekt: 30 Punkte
  • Section 3, Part D, Höraufgabe: 16 Punkte
  • Section 3 Quiz: 25 Punkte
  • Unit Exam: 66 Punkte

You should keep in mind that during the course of this unit, Das Einkaufen, you should spend time doing the following daily:

  1. Vocabulary activities, drilling vocabulary (flashcards), at least 15 minutes daily.
  2. Going back to review any vocabulary from past lessons as a warm-up activity



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