Icon for Writing Assignment Writing: Mediating a Dispute

90 points

Now it is time to apply your Social Studies skills. Use your knowledge to compose a mediation plan about your article. What is a mediation plan? A mediation plan is a plan to solve a dispute, and you will need to perform some additional research to help gather some information. You should begin by finding some background information about the parties involved and their histories. You will need to figure out how the problem began so you can help find a solution to the problem. Remember, finding solutions is about compromise - something that is often difficult to achieve agreement on! You have a tough task... I know you are up for this 'connection to today'!

Here are some items to consider:

  • What is the history between the two parties involved? Has there been a problem for a long time or did something come up recently?
  • What is the problem now that needs to be resolved or mediated? Is the problem a difference in cultures or a physical problem?
  • What is your personal reaction to this situation? Try imagining that you are on one side of the conflict. What would you like to see happen? Now, pretend you are the party on the other side of the conflict. What is your desired outcome? When you can look at both perspectives of the problem, you will likely be able to find some compromises.

Follow your teacher's instructions to submit this assignment, and be sure to document your sources.