Assignment icon Instrument Advertisement Assignment

50 points

Choose one of the instruments we've discussed during this lesson that appeals to you. Your task will be to create an advertisement for that instrument as if you are educating but also trying to sell the instrument. Use images, include facts, history, and bulleted lists of features for that instrument. What type of sound are you looking for from the musician?

Your advertisement should be creative as well as neat. Include as much relevant information and present it in an attractive manner. The advertisement should be presented as an rtf document.


Top Scores (A - B):

  • Advertisement described the instrument well
  • Included images and facts that were relevant
  • Presentation was clear and neat

Middle Scores (B - C):

  • Advertisements briefly described the instrument
  • Included some images and facts, but could have expanded more
  • Presentation was fairly clear and neat

Low Scores (D or F):

  • Advertisement lacked details
  • Advertisement lacked images or facts
  • Presentation was not clear or neat